If you decide you would like to set up an initial consultation, or if you have questions related to seeing me for psychotherapy, please call me at the number to the left. While I provide my email address below, I prefer to use it only for non-psychotherapy related matters (questions about the web site, etc.). More importantly, I want to begin our relationship, not electronically, but more personally.


Before we meet, if you would like to download and fill out this brief information sheet(Client Information), we won't need to take the time to complete it in our first session. Also before our first session, please read (and download, if you like) this document, About Psychotherapy, which describes matters regarding confidentiality, office procedures, and the experience of psychotherapy.  During our first session, we will discuss any questions you have about these issues.


This Web Site

If you have questions or comments about this web site, that are not related to seeing me for psychotherapy, please email me at contact@drjonpedersen.com.


Please be aware that none of the information here, nor email messages to or from this site, constitutes psychotherapy or falls under the protections of confidentiality. Regarding the essays, the information therein in no ways constitutes professional or personal advice. Should you want to try any of the ideas mentioned, know that you do so at your own risk and should discuss them with your licensed psychotherapist or physician.