Living with Depression (or download pdf)—In this longer essay, I try to touch on the many ways other than medication by which a person can decrease their symptoms, improve their mood, and cope with a period of depression that does not resolve quickly. However, it is also relevant for shorter term depressions and can be a guide to psychological self-care in general.

Choosing a Psychologist (or download pdf)—In response to many questions about this important process, I have written this brief guide that I hope addresses the essential matters in finding someone right for you.

Relaxation Basics (or download pdf)—This is a brief, practical essay that addresses the emotional, cognitive, and physical components of relaxation, including the ways in which we amplify our stress, and relaxation techniques.

Relaxation and Meditation Bibliography (or download pdf)—ver the years, and for the workshops I have led, I have developed this in-depth, though certainly not comprehensive, bibliography. It spans both academic and popular works, and while it contains books from various spiritual traditions, their content is generally practical and non-religious. I have noted the works that I and others have benefitted from the most.

Dream Bibliography (or download pdf)—Also the result of many workshops on this topic, I have developed this bibliography that ranges from academic to popular, and has examples of the many approaches to and techniques used in dream work.

Tips for Remembering Dreams (or download pdf)—This is a short list of a variety of techniques.