In my practice I see men and women from around the age of 16 and above in individual, couples, and family settings. I generally see clients once a week but will increase the number of sessions when called for and if possible. At times, I also offer Group Psychotherapy for various concerns, such as Living with Anxiety, Living with Mood Disorders, and Social Self Awareness.

Licensed clinical psychologists are trained to treat the broad spectrum of emotional and cognitive disorders, along with general problems in living. At the same time, all psychotherapists develop emphases and expertise in particular areas. I have done so in the following:

Anxiety/Social Anxiety
Childhood Trauma
Dissociative Identity Disorder
High-functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Issues of Academia
Issues of the Gifted
Issues of Sexual Orientation and Identity
Meaning of Life/Philosophical Concerns
Mood Disorders—Depression and Bi-Polar
Personality Disorders
Relationship Issues—Couples and Families (children 16 years old and above)
Sensory Sensitivities

Of course, it can be misleading and potentially harmful to imply that an individual’s experience can be understood via a list of issues or diagnoses, but is often a particular concern that will bring a person into psychotherapy. Once in treatment, the whole of a person’s personality and its many layers can be explored in more depth, leading to a fuller understanding of one’s life.